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Clinohumite ct. 3.65



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Clinohumite ct. 3.65

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Clinohumite Is an attractive gem with a nice yellow-orange color. It’s formula is Mg9(SiO4)4(F,Oh2)2, a Magnesium Silicate Fluoride Hidroxide. The hardness is 6 , therefore can be set in jewellery with care. When subjected to short wave UV light it glow with a tan-orange color. Has been discovered in Vesuvio volcano, Italy ,but now is mainly found in Pakistan and Pamir mountains, Tadzhikisthan. This gem comes from Tadzhikisthan and has small inclusions/ cleavage planes visible with the loupe.14.4x9x6.2 mm. Size: 10.2x9.66x5.5 mm. Weight:3.65 ct. CODE# 2038

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