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Clinochlore 0.78 ct.



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Clinochlore  0.78 ct.

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a mineral that had many names,here below from Mindat:

>Named in 1851 by William Phipps Blake from the Greek κλινειν "to incline" in allusion to the inclined optic axes and the Greek χλωρο "chloros," for "green," its typical color. Clinochlore was originally named chlorite in 1789 by Abraham Gottlob Werner from the Greek χλωρο "chloros," for "green," its typical color. There are many named synonyms or varieties of clinochlore. Many names that have been attributed to minerals now called clinochlore, as well as chamosite, include: baltimorite, berlauite, chlorite, chlorophaeite, chromchlorit, corundophilite, daphnite, delessite, diabantite, euralite, faecherstein, grengesite, grochauite, helminthe, kaemmererite, kotschubeite, leuchtenbergite, lophoite, ogkoite, pattersonite, pennine, penninite, prochlorite, pyknochlorite, rhodochrome, rhodophyllite, ripidolite, rumpfite, seraphinite, sheridanite, specksten, talgsten, and many others.

-Is a Magnesium Iron Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide with formula (Mg, Fe, Al)6(Si, Al)4O10(OH)8 and hardness of 2-2.5.

Difficult to facet due do it's lamellar structure and low hardness. This gem here comes from Saranovskoe Mine,Permskiy region,Middle Ural.,Russia.

Size:7x5.2x3.8 mm.

Weight:0.78 ct.



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