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Celestite 10.08 ct.



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500,00 €

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Celestite  10.08 ct.

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Is a Strontium solfate with formula SrSO4 and hardness of 3-3.5. It occur in calcareus sedimentary rocks and is quite popular among minerals collectors.Spread in many part of the world,but the best specimens comes from Madagascar where has been found in quantity.Facet gems instead are very scarce due do it’s fragility and low hardness and only few expert cutter can take the challenge to spend time ,patient and of course passion in order to achieve a good result .This gem here has been cut by an italian master cutter :Ottorino Invernizzi, ( teacher of Luigi Mariani ) and also the design of cutting has been created by him.The name of this cut is SquarOtto, a superb work with a mirror polish.A superior museum quality .

Size: 11x11x8.8 mm.

Weight: 10.08 ct.

CODE# 8143