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Campbellite 23.80 ct.



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Campbellite 23.80 ct.

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a trade name for an interesting mixer of copper minerals mined in the 70' in Arizona.

Campbellite is an unusual copper mineral given the fact that it is fluorescent and fluorescence in copper deposits is pretty much unheard of. Campbellite was first found by Ray Wright, a Phelps Dodge employee, in the Campbell shaft of the Lavender Pit in Bisbee, Arizona in the late 1940's. The Campbell was the richest and the deepest mine in the district, bottoming out at 3,600 feet straight down.

Campbellite fluoresces under black light and ranges in color from green to deep red. It often includes smaller deposits of turquoise and copper aggregated in the stone. Calcite provides most of the fluorescence. But there may be as many as 16 minerals found in Campbellite, among them Azurite, Chrysocolla, copper, cuprite, chalcotrichite, manganese, malachite, turquoise, urnonite and others. Which provide a wide array of colors with each slice of the stone. Producing stones that range from bright greens and reds, blues and whites, whites, browns, tans yellows and combinations thereof.

A relatively small quantity of this stone was extracted and saved from the mining process; finding its way out of the mine in the lunch boxes of a few miners. The mines in Bisbee closed in 1975 and the pumps, which constantly drained the mine shafts of water and made mining possible, were turned off. The only known deposits of this mineral, other than the few rocks spirited out by the miners, are now covered by hundreds of feet of water deep underground. (Source: Arizona Highways Magazine, August 2004 issue).

This material contains lots of native copper mixed with cuprite, and is fluorescent at short wave ; due to various hardness, the polishing is not so fine,consider that and this comes also from a very old collection when the cutters did not have the skill like today.

From Campbell Mine,Bisbee,Warren District,Mule Mts,Cochise Co.,Arizona.

Size:29x19.7x5 mm.

Weight:23.80 ct.



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