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Magnesio-riebeckite 23.00 ct.



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Magnesio-riebeckite  23.00 ct.

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also named Rhodusite or Rhodusit,are just synonyms,is a sodic amphibole with formula ◻Na2(Fe2+3Fe3+2)Si8O22(OH)2[2 and hardness around 5.

It has an attractive blue-grey color that sometimes shows a good chatoyancy and rarely cut with a cat's eye affect;normally the material is opaque and in order to make it strong for a setting purpose is backed with unidentified black stones,maybe black jade.It comes from Kyzyl-Barbas deposit, Zhezkazgan Kazakhstan.Untreated.

Size:36.1x16.8x5.1  mm.

Weight:23.00 ct.


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