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Pietersite 49.76 ct.



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Pietersite 49.76 ct.

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Discovered in 1962 by Sid Pieters is a mineral mainly composed by brecciate tiger eye

and hawk eye. Has been found in Namibia and recently also good material is mined in China.

The African material contain crocidolite ( an asbestos fibrous variety who’s given the chatoyance effect) while in the Chinese mineral is Torendrikite ( a magnesium rich alkaline amphibole in between Richterite and Glaucophane ). The colors are: yellow, gold, brown, and blue-violet mixed, like strokes of a painting brush. The effect is very nice due to this chatoyancy and the reflections of various shades of colors. This stone comes from China and is hand mirror polished on both side.

Size:40x25.2x7.2 mm.

Weight:47.76 ct.



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