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Bruneau jasper 111.23 ct.



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Bruneau jasper 111.23 ct.

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Bruneau Picture Jasper (also known simply as Bruneau Jasper) comes from the Bruneau canyon in Owyhee County of south-central Idaho, about thirty miles southeast of Bruneau, Idaho. The Bruneau River has gouged a deep, narrow canyon through the now extinct Bruneau-Jarbidge volcano. The eruption flows of the caldera account for the unique pattern variation in the stone, which, in its most prized form, is best known for it's distinct circular patterns (orbs), a pattern of light tan orbs against a dark background. Most of the mines are closed, and good material seems to be getting very scarce.

Size: 50x38x8.3 mm.

Weigth:111.23 ct.



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