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Bumble Bee stone 14.76 ct.



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Bumble Bee stone  14.76 ct.

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Bumble Bee stone

In the 2011 a new material reached the marked in Tucson: called bumble bee jasper,but is has nothing to do with jaspers.In fact is a banded orpiment and sulphur into calcite.Quite soft,but takes a good polish,mostly good for pendant and earrings.

Has been found in the west Giava ,near the Papandayan montain; a very active volcanic area where eruptions take place often killing thousands of people.The local named this stone "Batu Blerang Batar" than means : a fumarol stone.This name has been changed a friend of mine who exported the rough in Tucson and now it seems that has been accepted.

I decide to stabilized this material in order to fill the small cavities and make it stronger and durable without change it’s beauty.

Size: 21.6x19x5.2 mm.

Weight: 14.76 ct.



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