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Yellow brucite 2.70 ct.



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Yellow brucite  2.70 ct.

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Yellow brucite

Brucite is a Magnesium Hydroxide with formula Mg(OH)2 and hardness of 2.5.3.

It forms aggregates of sheets-like pearly lustre crystals similar to mica. The normal color is white to bluish, but recently a new deposit located in Baluchistan Province of Pakistan ,has produced a pale to deep yellow material on matrix of hydromagnesite and/or altered serpentine.

Due to it's low hardness the polishing has not been easy,however the result is quite nice for this type of stones.Small natural pits may be present. Untreated.

For more informations check the coming issue of spring 2018 Gem-A magazine (Journal of Gemmology)

Size:10.2x8.7x4.2 mm.

Weight: 2.70 ct.



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