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Brazilianite 19.90 ct.



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Brazilianite  19.90 ct.

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This mineral was discovered in 1944 and is a gem suitable for collection only .The hardness is 5.5 from Mohs scale.

Faceted stones are often flawed in large sizes, therefore a gem over 10 ct. is great rarity (most gems are 1-5 ct. or even smaller: Cut stone over 5 ct. are scarce.

Many crystals that are in museums would yield very large gems, but these are retained as crystal specimens and it’s unlikely that they will ever be cut.The normal color is yellow -green, colorless are rare.

Occur only in Brazil, Minas Gerais state.

Size: 19.2x13.6x7.8 mm.

Weight: 19.90 ct.



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