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Blue topaz (swiss blue) ct. 5.84 pair

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Blue topaz (swiss blue) ct. 5.84 pair

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BLUE TOPAZ :Swiss blue Most of the topaz in the marked are irradiated and heated, Swiss blue is a type of topaz that has been double treated compared with the normal "sky blue " and not every locations in the world may produce white topaz who can turns into this desired color. Starting from a colorless material, become brown after irradiation and then blue after heating at 500 C° There is also a natural blue topaz coming from India,Brazil,Nigeria,but is quite rare and difficult to separate from an irradiated one. This gem here has been treated many years ago and the color is stable and safe. Location: Nigeria -Buff-top cut,pair. Size:8x8x5.5 mm. Weight: 5.84 ct. CODE# 2407

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