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Bixbite 0.087 ct.



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Bixbite 0.087 ct.

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Is a red variety of Beryl,Berillium Silcate with formula: Be3Al2SiO3 + traces of other elements . Is considered in the 2006 by the american jewellers association the rarest gem in the world,but regarding this issue I may have some doubt.. Anyway, this beautiful gem it is found only in one location in the world: the Violet Topaz Mine,located in the Wah Wah mountains ,Beaver County, Utah; U.S.A. The average size is small: 0.05 to 0.15 ct. and prices in these years have been going up, a carat size,clean and of good color is prized from $ 12,000.00 to $ 20,000.00; also,there are very few stones of this size. This stone here has a small inclusion on a corner but a superb deep red color! Size: 3.3x2.2x2 mm. Weight: 0.087 ct. CODE#2800

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