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Ferro -axinite (Axinite ) 1.24 ct.



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Ferro -axinite (Axinite ) 1.24 ct.

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Is a Calcium,Manganese,Iron,Alluminium,Borosilicate Hydroxide with formula Ca2(Mn, Fe, Mg)Al2(BO3OH)(SiO3)4 Hardness is 6-7.5 Interesting mineral that actually is a group of same structure but with different chemical composition: ferro-axinite,magnesio-axinite,manganaxinite and tinzenite. All of them may have a distinc color. This gem here is a ferro-axinite with a typical brownish lilac color, eye clean . From Madagascar. Size:8x6.1x4 mm. Weight:1.24 ct. CODE#2672

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