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Astrophyllite cut 1.58 ct.



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Astrophyllite cut  1.58 ct.

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Is a complex Hydrous potassium,sodium,magnesium,titanium,manganese,iron silicate with formula K2Na(Fe++,Mn)7Ti2Si8O26(OH)4 and hardness of 3-3.5.

It’s name comes from the Greek word ASTRON =star, and PHYLLON= leaf.

Due to it’s fragile structure and perfect cleavage is normally cut with the matrix or backed as a doubled like in this case here.Is not very common and only in this rare case you can see some iridescence affect due to the intereference on light between the layers.

The material comes from Kola Peninsula,Russia.

Size:6.1x8x4.3 mm.

Weight:1.58 ct.



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