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Super seven-Amethyst with hematite octagon ct.21.78



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Super seven-Amethyst with hematite octagon ct.21.78

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Super Seven-Amethyst with hematite. This is the commercial name given for a variety of quartz with hematite , goethite,lepidocrocite,cacoxenite; sometimes occur rutile needles as well. In the past we have seen many stones from Madagascar with lepidocrocite, or hematite inclusions, but not so often found in amethyst like in this case. Now we can see these needles –like red hematite inclusions, oriented in various planes with parallel direction. The stone has a purple color, medium tone, fractures free. .From Madagascar. Size:24.6x14.1x8.5 mm. Weight:21.78 ct. CODE#1335

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