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Althausite 2.33 ct.



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Althausite  2.33 ct.

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Althausite is a relatively simple magnesium phosphate mineral with formula Mg2(PO4)(OH,F). It is very rare. Original occurrences are magnesite deposits among serpentinites. It is named after Egon Althaus (born 1933), a mineralogist at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.(from Wikipedia)

The hardness is 3.5. Occcur as lustrous bright blocky violet-brownish crystal aggregates, very rich in a pale brownish-grey Magnesite-Clinochlore matrix. A rare high-pressure Magnesium-Phosphate from Overntjern Quarry, Overntjern, Modum, Buskerud / Norway.

Size:8x8x4.8 mm.

Weight: 2.33 ct.



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