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Afghanite ct. 0.85



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Afghanite ct. 0.85

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Afghanite Takes is name from the location: Afghanistan. Is a feldspathoid with hardness of 5 -5.5 and formula: (Na,Ca,K8,)[(Cl,SO4,CO3,)3Al6,Si6,O24] . 05H2O Afghanite is a hydrous sodium, calcium, potassium, sulphate, chloride, carbonate alumino-silicate mineral. Occur with sodalite group and in veinlets in azurite crystals from Afghanistan. May be fluorescent in orange, yellow and blue-purple under ultraviolet light. Rare to be found in facet stone. For collectors! From Badakhshan province, Afghanistan Size:8.9x4.6x3.7 mm. Weight:0.85 ct. CODE#1804

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